Ewan Kingston   

Ewan Kingston

Academic Articles
Kingston, E. and Sinnott-Armstrong, W. (2018) What's wrong with joyguzzling? Ethical Theory and Moral Practice  (a pre-publication draft is here  for those without access to the journal).
Kingston, E. (2016) Clustering countries, changing climates: an NGO review to close the ambition gap. Ethics and International Affairs (online exclusive, open access)
Kingston, E. (2014) Climate justice and temporally remote emissions. Social Theory and Practice 40(2) 281-303.  (a pre-publication draft is  here  for those without access to the journal)
Kingston, E. (2014) Climate change as a three-part ethical problem: A reply to  Jamieson and Gardiner. Journal of Science and Engineering Ethics. 20(4) 1129-148 (a pre-publication draft is  here  for those without access to the journal).

Blog Posts
Consumer Responsibility and ObscurityEthics and International Affairs. May 12, 2017
Engaged Buddhism, Anger, and Retribution. Ethics and International Affairs. June 13, 2017

Book Reviews

Kingston, E. (2015) Review of “ Reason in a Dark Time’ by Dale Jamieson and ‘The Moral Challenge of Dangerous Climate Change by Darrel Moellendorf. Journal of Applied Philosophy 32(3) 326-329.

Kingston, E. (2013). Review of Climate matters: Ethics for a Warming World by John Broome. Journal of Applied Philosophy 30(4) 395-396. (A pre-publication draft is here for those without access to the journal)