Ewan Kingston   

Ewan Kingston

25 September '15: I've received accreditation to attend the UNFCCC intersessional meeting at Bonn, October 20-24

14 April '14: I've accepted an offer to study for my PhD at Duke University, North Carolina.

4 April '14: My article "Climate Justice and Temporally Remote Emissions" has been published in Social Theory and Practice, 40(2) . (An unofficial pre-publication draft is available here for those without access to the journal). 

22 Oct '13: The Journal of Applied Philosophy has published my review of John Broome's "Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World".  Available here. (A pre-publication draft is here for those without access to the journal). 

17 Oct '13:  My article "Climate Change as a Three-Part Problem: A Response to Jamieson and Gardiner" has been published online ahead of print in the Journal of Science and Engineering Ethics.  Available here (a pre-publication draft is  here  for those without access to the journal).